The Santa Float experience

A good number of our members braved the threat of rainy weather on Friday 20th December 2019 for a (relatively) short walk around Lichfield. Our Chairman wote a few words which I now share (most of them) with you.

” Thank you all so much for helping last night – a great effort by everyone, and goodly amount raised (£376). I’m very happy to report that no eggs were harmed in the course of the evening, and I think that the whole thing went off very well – in no small part due to the prior route checking and planning by RogerRudolf and RobElf. A shout out to DavidElf, RobElf, PeterElf C and PeterElf D for sleigh preparation and putting to bed afterwards, and of course to DavidElf for helping Rudolf reverse successfully along the route, and again to RobElf for leading the way. In fact RobElf told me how much he appreciated all the other Elves cooperation and indeed helpful suggestions along the way. Hero of the night goes to RogerRudolf for his amazing ability to steer 11.5 meters of Blindspot Van and Banshee Sleigh through some of the narrowest chicanes and tortuous obstacle courses imaginable, whilst remaining affable and cheery as only a dedicated Reindeer can. And many thanks to EmilyElf for joining us and helping out the older gen. And of course to every Elf for your all sterling efforts in knocking on doors and collecting and counting so much money – you all did brilliantly. Have a great Christmas everyone, and hope to see you on the 29th at my place.”

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