“The H & M Swansong”

Two years on and the partnership of Horton/Minor has now come to an end.  Sad in some ways but joyful in others.  Joyful indeed to greet our successors as they take the baton and offer us new and fun filled offerings.

For our final outing, we hosted a merry band of 26 art seekers as we all enjoyed a tour of the New Walsall Art Museum followed by a Portuguese style lunch at Nandos Restaurant.  The tour highlighted works by several famous artists such as Degas, Van Gogh, and Rodin.  Also included are works from the Jacob Epstein Collection.  Wow, what an experience!!  Our guide, Julie, was engaging, knowledgeable, and really down to earth.  The museum even provided portable stools for us to sit and relax whilst Julie presented.

The tour was followed by “good eats” as some Americans might call it.  Don’t know who that might be?  So, everyone in attendance finished our morning/afternoon outing, well fed artistically and well fed nutritionally (Now that is truly a mouthful to swallow).

We end by saying thanks to each of you who have supported our offerings over the past two years.  So here goes, “THANKS AND THAT’S ALL FOLKS”.

Rob and Donald

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