The Adventures of Nimrod 2022

After a break of two year’s due to Covid, Capt. Bligh is again planning an adventure… At this time he would like to know who is interested in joining the venture. Bligh can be contacted at

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Nimrod Cruise 2022

“Nimrod Returns To The Fray-ed”

30 April – 9 May

Draft Itinerary 2022

Latest Crew List

You are warmly invited to partake in this year’s adventure! (Ed. Please reply to Roger by email above)

A circular route has been plotted which the crew will find invigorating, by order of the Captain.

Leaving on Saturday 30th April we will travel into the heart of Birmingham for a pose and to enjoy the sights of Broad St. on such a day or night, before heading out via Bourneville on to the Northern Stratford Canal down to Kingswood Junction with the Grand Union Canal. Pausing for breath we will descend the (in)famous Hatton Flight of locks to Warwick and Leamington Spa. Then, climbing back out of the valley of the Avon – more locks, obviously – we go all countrified via Napton Junction with the Oxford Canal to Braunston before turning northwards the Coventry Canal to Hawkesbury.

A journey into the centre of Coventry itself follows, visiting the intriguing Museum of Transport, before following the blue line on the map back through Atherstone, Polesworth and Fazeley to Huddlesford on 9th May. A detailed resumé will follow when the Captain has verified that all the pubs are actually open.

The route is quite “locky” and a reserve route is prepared should the threat of mutiny become real.

Please note the usual advisories:

We usually have up to five aboard overnight and people come and go all the time so you can do as little or as much as we can accommodate. The usual suspects know the ropes. The initiation ceremony is brief and almost completely painless…

The Cruise commences from Lichfield Cruising Club moorings at Huddlesford.

The boat has heating, hot & cold water system with a shower, 12v cigar-lighter sockets, 2amp USB socket for Apple users, a couple of 230v (max 300w) inverters with domestic three pin sockets and a 230v shaver point.

Having both AC and DC connections, no further structural changes will be necessary to accommodate transgender personnel.

Nimrod has six berths, four singles at just six feet in length and a longer double. There will be one pillow each on board. Please bring your own sleeping bag, a pillowcase and towels, plus clothing & footwear to suit the season. Soft bags/holdalls are easier to stow than hard cases. Same goes for the crew! We have some foul-weather gear, not enough for all.

The galley will be stocked with our usual range of iron emergency rations and basics, plus a suitable amount of dry-cure bacon, proper sausage, eggs and an ounce or two of lettuce to keep us going for a few days but those joining may wish to bring something to drink or add to the pot. You are welcome to ring before you leave home to check if we are needy people. Call anyway, we are. Refrigeration facilities are not extensive, wet fish would probably be a mistake. Same goes for the crew!

Spiritual guidance will be given every evening before lights out.

Captain Bligh