Ron Lewis – an update from Dr Rob….

I went to see Ron Lewis last week as Graham Cavanagh suggested to me as Membership Officer, that it would be a good idea, as Ron no longer feels he can attend our 41 Club meetings.

As you may know he is a bit more forgetful than before, no longer drives or plays golf and is pretty dependent on his wife Cath who is only 85….. Ron is 88.

Ron joined Lichfield Round Table from Altringham 50 years ago, and worked for Staffs County Council with Ken Foster. He was my President a few years ago as he was a regular attender, in his early eighties, and I was full of admiration for his enthusiasm for our Club.
Ron no longer goes out much at night and that is why he feels he can no longer attend, and I don’t think he intends to continue to pay his subscription.  Cath isn’t too keen on driving places she doesn’t know, and although I mentioned our Lullington meeting, she didn’t seem keen.

But Ron mentioned several times that he is very keen to keep in touch with us, and keen to know what is going on in 41 Club and particularly asked me to explain his situation to all his many friends, and say how sad he feels that he won’t be coming to our meetings any longer. He sends his best wishes to us all.

 I will do my best to keep in touch with Ron and pass on the baton to whoever takes over from me. I am not suggesting we make him an honorary life member, but it might be nice to invite him to special meetings / Christmas drinks.

Yours in continued fellowship, Rob Horton

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