Barrie’s farewell

Around 150 of us said goodbye to Baz today at Fradley and over a hundred enjoyed hospitality at Darnford Moors afterwards. Thanks Pauline and family. Barry would have wanted us to have a laugh and we did. There were so many in the room that a large group were placed near the coffin including Robbo. When the presiding lady pushed the button to commit Baz and close the curtain Barry was joined by Robbo on “the other side”. Baz will still be laughing! Bye Barrie

Mac and Jean

Barrie Hopkins

We have received this message from Andrew Stanton:-

” I am sorry to have to tell you that Barrie passed peacefully away at 12.30 today”. Our thoughts are with Pauline, Hazel, Andrew and their families. Funeral details have been sent to members on 3Jan20.

A few words from our Chairman

I hope you all had a merry Christmas, and I thought I would take the opportunity to thank all of you who came to Chairman’s Drinks on Sunday, for your company and bonhomie. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and, like so many of you, I would like to thank my wife Lyn and daughters Helen and Frances for keeping us all fed and watered. The dishwasher was working overtime well into the evening, but I said she could have Monday off.

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