Chairman’s update – 3 June 2022

After having an excellent first council meeting lots of new ideas were discussed and will be put into place during the coming year. They are our attempt to re-energise the club back into normality, which will only work if we can bring you all along with us. We are all getting older, whether we admit or not, but we cannot use this as an excuse for not becoming involved and supporting our club.

I spent a Day on board Nimrod with your President, the hospitality, banter, and fellowship was second to none. A big thank you to Roger (The Commander ) for arranging this annual event and to Nimrod for keeping a dry engine room.

Don’t forget on Sunday afternoon 26th June (Edit) a Band will be playing in Beacon Park by the statue of the Captain of Titanic. Why not bring a chair /blanket/ drinks/nibbles and enjoy FREE music and fellowship?

See you on the next informal the BBQ 8th June .

Yours in continued fellowship


Aston Martin update

 “Occasionally, I am asked why I don’t come to 41 Club in the Aston. Perhaps the attached photograph might go some way to explaining.  Since then, it has been further stripped”.

Peter J Robinson (nouveau pauvre)

Ron Lewis R.I.P.

We have received the sad news that Ron Lewis passed away during the evening of Thursday 12th May 2022. We understand that Kath is calm, happy that Ron is no longer in pain following an accident at home last week. Ron was a stalwart of our Club, being an long standing member of Round Table and 41 Club attending meeting regularly prior to the recent Lockdown restrictions. Our thoughts are with Kath and family. The private funeral is being held on 7th June – Rob Horton will be representing Lichfield 41 Club.