Our Chairman writes…. May 2019

“Biting wit, needle sharp comment, deep insight into current affairs. Sadly, all missing from my first (and, you may well soon wish, last) post on the web. Instead, a look back on the last month’s events.

AGM, traditionally a popular meeting, attracted a good turnout of members (Actually, that brings up an image best forgotten).

Principally of course, attendance is driven both by the prospect of wine on the table, and the desire not to be voted into a role in one’s absence. Happily, volunteers for every official position were abundant – some so popular that twins have been elected to both Meetings and Fellowship, and Sports and Entertainment. I’m particularly delighted that for the first time in 2 years, we have a Vice Chairman! My thanks indeed to all who have agreed to help keep the show on the road for this year – and of course, to everyone who put so much effort in to make such a success of last year under the leadership of John Ward.

Those of you who were sufficiently determined to come to the first informal and council meeting on 17th April at The Duke of York must have been sorely disappointed in your new Chairman’s ability to organise a piss-up in a pub. The promised private room in which we should have been able to relax, unwind and discuss the forthcoming year’s excitement turned out to be full of a Spanish Language Class practising their Hispanic dipthongs and fricatives. Humbled, we crept to a cramped corner and sought refuge in pints, peanuts and pies. Despite our snug proximity, we managed to beat some semblance of order into the event calendar and club business. A fine example of a well-oiled team, although of course some were more lubricated than others.

The first formal meeting arrived sooner than many would have wished. However, a hearty meal followed by the truly unique talk by Henry Goodfellow and his faithful coracle made it a night to remember. I even managed to present our new Vice with his badge of office, although the subsequent photoshoot makes me look like a malevolent Father Christmas. I already know what this means come December.

It’s always depressing when a new leader is elected, and everyone’s high expectations of heralding someone strong, capable, and full of compassion yet with a steely resolve to stride forward, is actually shown to be a hollow vessel, unworthy of the role. Sad for both the Conservative and Labour Parties to have been in such a position over the last few years. I shall instead do my best to carry on the fine tradition of helping to preserve what must be one of the most vibrant and active 41 Clubs in the country, primarily by delegating lots of tasks to our council.

Our next informal on Weds 15th May is at the Kings Head on Bird Street in Lichfield, and I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. David Dimeloe will be chairing the next formal on 29th May as I’m going to be adrift in the Baltic with beloved. Some of you will also be adrift for a few days as NB Nimrod takes to the waterways with Captain Bligh and his band of merry men. No doubt we will all come back with broad smiles having been tossed on the high seas and surrounded by seamen.

Keep smiling.


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