Our Chairman writes…. just before the Conservative Party Leadership announcement

Here we are again, a few weeks on from my last little update. I haven’t had to go to hospital at all this month, which is indeed progress.

I’m sorry I was unable to make the informal a couple of weeks ago in Kings Bromley – I hope that some of you braved the sunshine and met up for a few beers. I was at a concert in Lichfield Cathedral, home to the worst audience seating since Shakespeare built his Globe Theatre in 1599. At least for this performance we could see the stage – we went to the opening concert by Katie Tunstall the previous Sunday and were treated to an uninterrupted view of stone columns and seething ticket holders.

Thanks to Ents for organising the trip to the Triumph Motorcycle factory – an amazing facility that produces some equally amazing bikes. It was a shame that the production line was shut down for reconfiguration, but apart from that a fascinating visit. Several of the chaps came away with fond memories of the days when they themselves had a throbbing powerhouse between their legs.

We have some more great social events coming up – summer BBQ at Rob Carter’s on 14th August and a visit to Aston Hall on 11th September, both with partners. The following fortnight it’s our International Night when we will be visiting Aldridge 41 club at the multicultural Mecca that is Walsall. Plenty more after that, with details to be announced closer to the time.

We received some sad news recently – previous member of RT and 41 Club Allan Onions OBE passed away recently. There is more information on Allan in the news section. I didn’t know Allan personally, and I’ll be away in Scotland at that date, but if any members would like to attend his funeral it is at Fradley Crematorium on Weds 7th August at 1.30pm.

By the time you read this, you may well either be looking forward to our speaker evening on Weds 24th July, featuring FA assistant referee Andy Garrett, or you may already have enjoyed the evening and be in a position to reflect on what he said. In either case, I am sure that it will be/was an enjoyable time and I hope to/was pleased to see so many of you there. On a slightly more significant scale, we have just received news that either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt is our new prime minister. This is either good news or bad news, depending upon your viewpoint or choice of newspaper, but I’m sure that it will be/was an important topic at the meeting.

Next time I hope to get around to writing my update rather earlier in the month, so I don’t have to consider forward or past tenses for such things.

We’re in for a heatwave it seems, so keep cool and enjoy the sunshine.

Cheers Andrew

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