Our Chairman writes…. from his hospital bed

Well, words from the Ward – not, as you may have wished, from your previous esteemed chair, but Ward 6 at Burton Hospital, where your current Chairman is taking a well earned rest from reality. Let this be a warning to you – any one of the risk factors of alcohol, caffeine, alcohol, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, smoking and yet more alcohol can trigger heart fibrillation. In my case, 7 out of 8 was deemed sufficient to blue light me from Lichfield to Burton on Monday morning. Fastest I’ve ever gone up the A38, including the time I had a company car.

Sadly for those of you who had hoped for an early change of Chairman, I have had the electric chair treatment and as I now resemble a Terminator, I can truthfully say “I’ll be back”. That’ll teach me to go on a cruise with an all-inclusive drinks package.

Talking of which, I understand that another all-inclusive cruise has just finished, hopefully with a better outcome!

Anyway, although I should be home by the time you read this, I won’t be at the informal this week at my favourite pub, Bitter Suite. I hope you enjoy the evening at this unusual venue.

Sad news indeed whilst I was on holiday, about Peter Robinson’s son. We all offer our sincerest condolences to Peter and his family.

As I write this, I understand that fool hardy lycra-clad beings are being blown from lay-by to lay-by in their coast to coast challenge. I wish them well, although why they don’t take up something less strenuous, like rowing the Atlantic, is beyond me. However, given the weather, it’ll probably be much the same thing.

My 100% attendance record now truly in tatters, I will seek to make amends at the next formal on 26th June, with speaker Jim Conway telling us all about Richard Holland’s epic 929292 project.

Until then, keep smiling and I wish you well.

Cheers Andrew

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  1. Really look forward to seeing you and at least hearing about the Baltic Cruise. Until then, keep positive and KEEP SMILING.

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