Our Chairman writes between two meetings in two weeks…

Greetings from a rain-sodden, sunny, cloudy, windy Lichfield.

The splendid BBQ at Rob and Brenda’s last week was enjoyed by nearly 50 guests. Well, actually it was enjoyed by all the guests, of whom there were nearly 50.

With a prescience bordering on the paranormal, our psychic Ents team glanced at the BBC weather app and determined that in order to prevent the Summer BBQ from turning into a pool party, the event should be postponed by 24 hours. What a good decision that turned out to be, and probably the first time that everyone has been in agreement with Mac. Or in fact, anyone.

Our well-oiled team of chefs slaved over sizzling stainless steel to produce a veritable feast of meat and more meat. Pete Chapman, in rapper dress, was the Burger King, whilst Roger Davies, in dapper dress, offered a seared sausage to anyone with a couple of baps in hand. If not quite ready for a Michelin star, they are well on their way to a first Firestone necklace.

Many thanks to everyone involved, especially the hosts and the lovely ladies who provided cakes, puds, salads and sanity.

Our next meeting, in a couple of days, features the intrepid duo of Hartley and Dimeloe with their tales of the unexpected whilst cycling coast to coast clad only in spandex and chamois. For those not familiar with long distance cycling, a tub of anti-chafe cream is essential to prevent those worrying sore patches down below. You can choose from Assos, Enzo’s Buttonhole, dz Nuts Pro, Chamois Butt’r, Udderly Smooth and Petal Power Joy Ride for Women (I promise I haven’t made these names up*). So, something for everyone to look forward to.

They have a hard act to follow, with 38 attendees at the Last Supper (rather than the normal 13) who were held enraptured by Andy Garrett’s tales from the touchline. He spoke on refereeing for 60 minutes without hesitation, deviation, repetition or deviation. A most enjoyable evening, even for those who don’t know their offside from their back-pass.

Since the last meeting, we have a new Prime Minister, and more importantly, a new best joke of the Edinburgh Fringe. “I keep randomly shouting out ‘Broccoli’ and ‘Cauliflower’ – I think I might have florets” from Swedish comedian Olaf Falafel.

In closing, I have also had another email from Alfie Fornea of Nerja 41 Club, inviting us to their 15th Birthday party in Nerja in October this year. I think we have circulated details of this before, but if anyone is interested, let me know.

The next informal will be on 4th September at the Horse and Jockey, Sandford Street, Lichfield, anytime from 7:30pm onwards. Once again, you’ll be able to enjoy my absence – this time I’m going to be in London.

Keep smiling.


*If you don’t believe me, click on this: https://www.thegeekycyclist.com/best-things/chamois-cream/

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