Our Chairman writes: a sword, a Stag, Smurfs and Santa!

Where to begin?

Looking back to August, few of us will forget the evening of unprecedented entertainment that was our last formal meeting. The spellbound audience sat open mouthed as the Dynamic Duo of Hartley and Dimeloe regaled the room with tales of bravery, strength and exertion not heard since Beowulf stalked Grendell in the ice-halls of Scandinavian mythology. In those days, Beowulf used a sword called Hrunting – and in a trick of rhyming slang, Roger Hartley had a similar name for his bike.

We learned that in order to create less wind resistance when cycling, it’s apparently normal to shave or wax your legs. When cyclists are close friends, one applies the waxed paper strips to the other’s thighs, and when dry, rips the paper strips and wax off in front of them.

Unfortunately, there was consternation amongst some of our members because the doors linking the dining room to the TV lounge had been removed, and there were complaints that whilst our intrepid cyclists were talking, they couldn’t hear the TV properly.

A most enjoyable International Night took the place of our subsequent formal meeting this week, in which we had a joint gathering with Aldridge 41 Club at the rather nice Aston Wood Golf course. Some excellent fellowship and a poetic entertainer made for a great evening. We were also joined by Area 14 representative Jim Conway and Paul Daniels from Walsall, and Rob Horton’s guest Roy Harrison. The aforementioned cyclists, having wisely swapped two wheels for four, had taken our esteemed treasurer on a road trip back to his homeland, and were thus unable to attend. However, their emailed apology contained the words “Triumph Stag” and as a result the email (like the car) was automatically classified as Junk and I didn’t get it in time.

We have the next informal at The Duke of York on 2nd October, and after that it’s the Mike Andrews Memorial walking weekend at Hubberholme from 11th to 13th October. The theme this year is “Blue”, so interpret that as you will. Expect everything from Smurfs to boy bands to porn stars. Or maybe some dark combination of all three. There’s room for a few more, so get in contact with Pete Chapman if you would like to go along.

This is swiftly followed by our formal on 16th October, to which you are cordially invited to bring your quizzing hats and prepare to pit your wits against each other and Roger “Bamber” Davies for a night that will stick in your memories for a very long time indeed.

The informal after that will be on 30th Oct at The George and Dragon in Alrewas, and will be preceded by a council meeting. After the quiz night, I imagine that quite a few of us will need counselling.

And a final note: Lichfield Round Table are as normal organising the Santa run, and are inviting charitable groups to apply for a slot. We need, as a group, to make sure that we can muster around 15 hardy souls for an evening collecting, so please bear that in mind and we will collect names at the meeting on 16th Oct.

Keep smiling and remember that its always darkest just before the dawn. So that’s the best time to steal your neighbour’s milk.



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