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VeloClub41 – A Covidential Report

They think it’s all over? Who knows? Your trusty scribe is beginning to be nervous about the return to the “Old Normal”, if that is what is to be.

That the stages of lockdown had some disadvantages is true, but think of the advantages:

You never missed a parcel delivery.

You never needed to leave an answerphone message.

The dearly beloved always knew exactly where you were. (Actually, both Jane & I had misgivings about that.)

And there were the unusual pets and the “How to” books to go with them, although not much help to us and with dire results. “Care of your Bat, with Lindsey Doyle” stopped it flying despite the lovely satin coat and “Coarse Hare Care” by Albert O’Balsam resulted in a rabbit with a fringe like Claudia…

By now you are probably thinking that I have too much time in my hands and what has this to do with cycling? You are correct and the answer is #*** #** . I’m just giving our beloved Editor something to print.

So, ever since we have been allowed to exercise in a socially distanced manner, as regaled in previous missives, VeloClub members Sparky Dimeloe and yours truly Brompton Boy have been out once or twice a week and put a few miles under our pedals. We have often been accompanied by Ewe-turn Davies and even our August Chairman.

Young Davies now has the power of the erstwhile C.E.G.B. behind (under) him and, following coaching from an adult internet site, has now discovered the little red button that improves his both speed and stamina and apparent performance.

With both his fellow riders now given assisted passage, yours truly has been looking for a boost. I think this may be the answer, although the gel in my padded shorts has carbonised, it’s not environmentally friendly and no trace remains of the hair on my legs.

But, once more, I digress.

Covid put a stop to our annual Cardiac Convention Long Ride. As a change from our usual local rides, with the odd Tissington/High Peak Trail adventure, Sparky and self ventured in May to the Vale of Evesham and the Blossom Cycle Trail. (So called because of the orchards in bloom. We missed them.)

Old comrade of the long hauls, Ade Perry joined us at Church Lench, home of the daughter, for free parking and a convenient base at the centre of a vaguely figure-of-eight route taking in the Lench villages, Harvington, Inkberrow and Pershore. It was a reunion of cycling survivors and happily Ade brought along his non-electric bike and we suffered together.  It’s about 25 miles of mostly windy lanes, chocolate box-top villages and an occasional vertiginous Lench, with 355m (1160ft in old money) of climb.

For once there were appropriate descents as compensation and a new personal best was recorded in the black box, achieved without the aid of pedals or electricity.

The whole ride took place in glorious sunshine but sadly no-one took any photographs…

I say the whole ride, but given that we had all day to travel the route, we stopped for a delicious, relaxed, slightly lubricated lunch at ‘The Boot’ at Flyford Flavel, somewhere I can recommend for food and accommodation. As we remounted to finish the Blossom Trail the darkest, thunderest cloud ever burst upon us and it rained power shower.

Luckily a dense overhanging hedge provided a shelter just sufficient for three blokes and bikes. Soon the torrents in the gutters on either side of the road grew wider, trying to meet over the white line. Then the sun came back out and the waters disappeared as quickly as they came and we rode off in the mist.

We thought that Hedges like that were a good idea and wish to start a Fund to provide more. Any ideas for a snappy title?

Lovely time, lovely company. Must do it again sometime.

So it’s back to our weekly outings. An Ashmole Close neighbour joins us sometimes, as well.

Still room for anyone who fancies a gentlemanly cycle ride in impeccable company…

Yours aye,


©Brompton Boy 2021