Lichfield 41 Club – First post-Lockdown visit to Whittington Heath

Last week was an opportunity for members to gather and take a guided tour of the new Whittington Heath Golf Clubhouse. 27 members found the new entrance on Common Lane and made their way along the drive, although caution is required, as the gates are set back from the road and are easily missed. Passing by the newly established replacement golf holes required for when HS2 is routed under the old Clubhouse and across the middle of the current course, this new part of the course is not due to be played until Spring 2022. On the journey, many will have passed the old clubhouse which still stands due to occupation by bats, which seem to have moved in after the golfers vacated. Demolition was originally planned for February, but now awaits Batman to do his bit to relocate them after the Summer Roosting season.

Front of House Manager, Georgia, led the tour around the new facilities. I believe that most were impressed and could see how the Club will develop over the next few years. A selection of sandwiches and chips were washed down with a wide choice of drinks. The evening enabled members to catch up after many months of Lockdown. Payment remains by individual Contact Credit or Debit Card and arrangements are now in hand for our first Formal Meeting since February 2020. This will be on Wednesday 15th September 2021.

Meeting details will be sent by email two weeks prior, to allow time to Book-in or Apologise by 6 p.m. on the Thursday before the meeting.

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