I was Woked up this morning…

Normally I would begin with something like “Gentlemen!”  but obviously, those days are gone. We must move the Club forward into at least the 19th Century and avoid the looming crisis – and that isn’t “trouble at t’Mill”.

We must be Woke beyond just addressing our leader as we would a single piece of furniture. Anything that demeans the gender previously known as women is to be deprecatherined.  All must be equal in the eyes of the world and the members of 41 Club.

Therefore, our Chair, David, and their esteemed sibling Sparky, can no longer be Dimeloe and must be Dimelmedium.

Donald Minor must be partially elevated, but not to Major. “Mean” seems a bit, well, mean but they wouldn’t need to change their initialled luggage.

Messrs. Atkin, God, Harris, Hodg, Robin & Thomp will need to adopt a gender insensitive suffix. “Child” is obviously ageist so perhaps the legal “issue” would be appropriate.

Horton presents us with a problem relating to workers in the, er, entertainment industry and Wilcox changed to Won’tcox seems to miss the point.

But what, I ask you, is the answer to the crunch question?

What can we possibly call someone who used to be Chap/man??


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