Club Email addresses

We have a number of email addresses for officers of the club, they all end in

  • Chairman – lichfield41clubchairman
  • Meals & Attendance – lichfield41clubmeals
  • Treasurer – lichfield41clubtreasurer
  • Sports & Entertainment – lichfield41clubevents
  • Communications – lichfield41clubweb

The idea behind these generic emails is that:

  • they can be set up on officers mobile devices and PCs very easily
  • they will not change when officers holding these posts change
  • they can be redirected quickly if required i.e. due to absence
  • an automatic “Reply to” can be set in our “Mailchimp” email service
  • Officers do not have to publish their own email address in communications, which reduces the incidence of spam
  • Messages can be recovered if the officer loses them!

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