Chairman’s Update – Sunday 29th March 2020

Good morning gentlemen, and I hope you are all keeping well.

Just a quick update regarding the plans for what should have been our AGM: after lengthy discussions between all council members, we think it best that David Dimeloe takes over as Chairman elect on Wednesday, and his proposed council members will take over their new roles at the same time. This parallels what National are doing as Peter Good takes over as National President. We also aim to circulate current officers end-of-year reports to all members. We will have a “back to school” AGM on the first formal meeting that we can have, whenever that will be, and at that point I will officially hand over the Chairman’s Jewel to David, we can make any other proposals and so on. We will have wine on the table and celebrate our return to reality.

After much deliberation, we think that subs should be collected as normal, at this year’s level, because it’s important to try to maintain whatever semblance of normality this situation leaves us in. This will help to keep the club’s finances on a good footing, and allows Ernie to keep on top of things without there being a sudden rush when things kick off again. Your incoming Chairman and team will do their utmost to keep in constant contact with everyone via email and the website, to try to maintain the excellent rapport we have always had as a club.

I will try to mangle together some appropriate words for Wednesday, just so that you can all feel that although the current AGM is postponed, you can’t get away that easily from being forced to endure my ramblings.


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  1. Andrew
    Thank you for your excellent leadership, guidance and friendship during the year. It has been greatly appreciated.

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