Chairman’s Update June 2021

I am sorry for the delay since my last Newsletter but I have been spending quite a lot of time, in the sunshine, in Whitstable.

We had our Zoom AGM on 28 April and the Minutes have been circulated by email link. With the current Covid regulations preventing regular meetings we decided that we would have our first meeting in the garden of The Colvile Arms on 26 May. That meeting went well with 28 people attending and enjoying the fellowship of our first face to face meeting for 10 months.

Until yesterday we planned to have a joint meeting with partners and Tangent on 23 June in the same garden. Now that the Covid regulations have been extended I have had to cancel that meeting – I have emailed all the people who had booked in. Editor – This is now a Members only meeting, no food – Strictly by booking in with the Chairman.

Last evening I had a conversation with Meeting Secretary, Mick Lavenstein, to decide what we should do about the next meetings. We felt that any plans for a meeting in July could easily fall foul of Covid regulations and a meeting in August would also be difficult. Many people are away in August, or on grandparent duty and the golf club were not enthusiastic as they have a conflict with a major competition.

Consequently we have decided to start our regular meetings again on Wednesday 15 September. We are confident that Covid regulations will have been sufficiently relaxed by then for us to plan our meeting with confidence and we should enjoy a good attendance. Mick will make the arrangements with the golf club and communicate with us all in due course.

At our first meeting we will not have a Speaker – we will have a Mini AGM and enjoy a fellowship meeting with free wine! However it would be good to organise Speakers for our October and November meetings so can I ask Peter and Roger to make the necessary arrangements please. Also we should start making plans for President’s Night on 2 March 2022.

My Best Wishes to all. I hope that the weather stays fine and we can all enjoy our holidays in the UK.



15 June 2021

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  1. David.
    You have kept us together as a club for two years despite the pandemic.
    So I suspect that I am not the only one who wants to say THANKS!!!

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