Chairman’s Remarks – Sep 2023

As the evenings start to close in, and we wait with bated breath for the start of the Sunday evening elimination round of Strictly, now may be a good time to reflect on the last month or so. To help us do that, Chairman Colin “Ramblin’ Rose” John has put pen to paper, or at least forefinger to keyboard, to remind us of things past, present, and to come. Click here to read his prose.

Once you’ve done that, click here to watch Meatloaf and Karla DeVito (no relation to Danny) perform Paradise by the Dashboard Light**.

**There is no causal link between Colin’s remarks and Meatloaf. I just like Meatloaf. Interestingly, Ellen Foley, who sang on the album, declined to be on the Bat Out Of Hell tour, and Karla DeVito assumed live performance responsibilities, so the music video was created by syncing the video of DeVito’s performance to the audio of Foley’s vocals.

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