Chairman’s Remarks – Oct 2023

Feeling itchy? Read Chairman Colin “Bugsy” John’s latest missive and you’ll feel like you’ve just spent a night in a Parisian dosshouse. Click here to read his prose.

To get you further in the mood, enjoy the Small Faces’ Itchycoo Park. Apparently, Itchycoo Park does not refer to a “special” medical condition brought on by an infestation of lice: it allegedly links to Little Ilford Park, London, where stinging nettles abound. Despite its covert drug references, which lead to it being banned by the BBC, singer Steve Marriott insisted that it referred to his childhood hangout**.

** Ronnie Lane wrote the song and most of the lyrics, so its debatable whether this is also true.

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  1. Re the Chairman’s advice that we should all regularly vacuum our crevices at home, I must say that Mrs Murray is, for some reason, totally against this practice. Anyway, I was taught in the Boy Scouts that one should beat one’s underpants with a stick every morning . Not sure why but it is a very satisfying exercise, especially if they are being worn at the time.
    Ernie Murray

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