Chairman’s remarks – March & April 2024

Slightly delayed due to the webmaster being asleep at the wheel, but all the better for the anticipation you must all have felt, click here to enjoy Chairman Colin “Zorba” John’s most recent epistle, which must surely go down in the history of Chairmen’s remarks as being the only one to include the word “greek” 10 times.

Talking of Zorba, who can forget the literally unforgettable final scene from the 1964 film Zorba the Greek, starring Anthony Quinn as the eponymous* hero. The final part of the final scene is strangely reminiscent of two golfers celebrating having found their lost balls in the sandpits at WHGC, I feel.

*Of course, eponymous is itself derived from the Ancient Greek ἐπώνῠμος (epṓnumos, “concerning giving one’s name to something; named in a significant manner; surnamed”). For that matter, so is epistle, via a diversionary journey through Latin and Old French.

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