Chairman’s May Message

We had a Zoom Council meeting last Wednesday and I wanted to write to you all to ensure that you know that you may be out of sight, but not forgotten!

Firstly, I trust everyone is well.  We canvassed opinion at the Council meeting, and no one knew of anyone contracting Covid -19 and I hope that it true of all our Members.

The Minutes of the Council meeting have been emailed to all members, but everything is on pause at the moment.  Past President Roger did manage to pass the President’s gong over to the current President Donald by some magic – well done!  They have done better than Andrew and myself – I will wait for the Chairman’s Chain until we next meet.

Treasurer Ernie reported that there were still a few outstanding subs, but he will be in touch with those who still have to pay up.

We talked about when we may next be able to meet again.  Although our traditional meetings may be some way away, it looks likely that we will be able to meet in small groups, outside, later this summer.  Consequently Pat – who is Tangent Chairman, and I have decided that we will hold our Chairmans’ Drinks with a series of small garden parties, in our garden, as soon as we are allowed to do so.  I feel that this will probably be July but as soon as we know we will contact you all and send you an invitation.  You can access our rear garden without going through our house and we will provide sterile drinks and a picnic and we have room to have a convivial socially distanced gathering – let’s hope the weather holds!

We have planned the next Council meeting for 24 June at 7.30 pm and at 7.45 pm the Zoom meeting will be extended to all Club members who want to join in.  The details of how to do this will be on the Website soon.

Best wishes to you all and stay safe.



30 May 2020

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