Chairman’s June Message

Hello everyone and I trust you are all well.  Pat and I are – we have had a pretty good Lockdown and – like you all – are just beginning to peep under the door.  Pat has even managed to get an appointment with her hairdresser!

We had a full Zoom Club meeting on 24 June with 20 Members joining in.  It went very well despite the football being on in the background in a few houses. There was not much to discuss but Secretary Brian did prepare some Minutes which will be circulated soon.

Treasurer Ernie reported that every Sub except one had been paid and the last one has been paid since the meeting.  Thank you everyone – we may only have a Virtual Club this year, but it is working as well as it can.

I can’t see us resuming our traditional meetings any time soon and have noticed that RT250 have moved their 70th Charter Night celebrations from this October until June 2021.  I think the National 75th Charter celebrations, also scheduled for this October will be moved soon.  Our first get together of the year could well be in early October in Hubberholme – Pete Chapman feels that the walking weekend will be able to go ahead in a socially distanced way.

Although we cannot meet traditionally, I would recommend the National Zoom meetings to you all.  If you haven’t tried one give it a go.  I have listened to a gin expert, Dementia UK and most recently had a good look at JLR’s collection of classic cars.  They are all well done and worth a look and listen.

Pat and I are still hoping to hold our garden parties this summer, but we need the Government to relax the rules governing the number of people who can meet outside at one time.  At the moment it is still 6 people and we need a slightly bigger number than that – and we need the fine weather to return.

I wonder if there will be any relaxation of the travel rules allowing holidays in Europe this summer. There has been a lot of press speculation, but still no actual change to the rules.

We will have another Club Zoom meeting at 19.30 on our regular Club night which is July 22.  David Cole will set it up – please join us.

Best wishes to you all and stay safe.



29 June 2020

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  1. Nice summation, virtual Chairman.
    I confess that I was more concentrated on the footy than the meeting but during the occasional moments of concentration I found it good to see fellow members……partic the oldest git on parade Young Foster…,,……oh that he were back doing our roads!!

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