Chairman’s Hello – 1st April 2020

Greetings from your Virtual Chairman.  Today is the day that I should have taken over the gong from Andrew, but we all know that the Handover ceremony will have to wait for a while.  However, I am looking forward to my year and will get started as soon as we can.

I am pleased that I have a full Council and thank you all for your support. They are:

  • Chairman                                      David Dimeloe
  • Vice Chairman                           Terry Webb
  • President                                     Donald Minor
  • Secretary                                     Brian Gordon
  • Treasurer                                     Ernie Murray
  • Meetings & Fellowship         Peter Dimeloe and Roger Hartley
  • Social & Entertainment       Mac Cummings and Roger Davies
  • Meals & Attendance               Mick Lavenstein
  • Communications                      David Cole
  • Membership                               Rob Horton
  • Immediate Past  Chairman Andrew Kightley
  • Honorary Auditors                  Terry Browne and Rob Carter

I have also asked 2 friends of mine from my days in Sutton Coldfield 41 Club to be my Honorary Members. They are Barrie Atchison, who talked to us last year about his experiences volunteering with the Samaritans, and Bob Bogle.  They both now live in Lichfield.

I have asked Ian Dempster to update the Club Directory and he has agreed to do this and circulate it to you all electronically.  Can all also please send your subs (£35) to Ernie as soon as possible. Details to be sent by email.

I am writing to you in the eye of this storm that none of us can believe.  As we know all events are cancelled including the 75th Anniversary of V.E. day – what a shame.  Tragically the war we are currently fighting has overwhelmed our ability to celebrate our winning of the last one.  Let’s hope that we can soon celebrate our victory over the Coronavirus.

I will write to you regularly whilst we cannot meet, and let’s all stay in touch through the Club website.

My very best wishes to you all during this terrible time. 

Stay well.



1 April 2020

5 Replies to “Chairman’s Hello – 1st April 2020”

  1. Congrats Mr Chairman. And great to see Terry Webb in the VC job and a President donald (ours prefers lower case to avoid confusion) from across the pond. Trump that!!

  2. Congratulations David, I would also welcome Bob Bogle who, if my memory serves me right, I used to lunch with at Witton during my working days. A long time ago.
    Regard Bob..

  3. Best wishes David, Donald and Team- I look forward to working with you all across the next 12 months for the benefit of the Club and our fellow Members . I too know Bob Bogle, who introduced me to 41 Clubs in Edinburgh and Sutton Coldfield many years ago. Welcome Bob, it’ll be good to share your company again.

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