Chairman’s April Message

I am writing to you all today as I should be Chairing my first meeting this evening, instead of sitting at home watching the TV again!!  At least the wonders of modern TV give you a bit more choice than the terrestrial channels.

I do hope that you all are staying well and untouched by Covid-19.  I am pleased and grateful that it has not touched our immediate family, but we do know of several acquaintances that have had it.  They have all recovered without the need to visit hospital.

My thanks go to Ian for circulating the Club directory and to those who have paid their subs.  Can anyone who has not paid please send £35 to Ernie as soon as possible – before it goes up!

Whilst we all remain locked down it is important to help others when we can and to stay in touch.  I am sure that you have all heard of Zoom but those who haven’t tried it should give it a go.  We did have a Zoom Council meeting instead of our AGM and have another scheduled for 27 May – our next meeting date.  I will write to you all again after that meeting.

Pat and I are helping some friends with their shopping and Pat and other Tangent members have been sewing scrub bags for the nurses at Burton hospital.  Pat is now making loads of facemasks – they may not be required by our Government but wearing one makes you feel better!

We have put a few events planned for the Autumn on the website – in the hope that they will take place and that we will be allowed to attend them.  We have a conflict early in October with the 75th anniversary celebrations of the formation of 41 Club planned to take place in Nottingham the same weekend as Pete’s walking weekend in Hubberholme.  Later that month, on 24 October RT250 are planning their 70th Charter celebration.  Fingers crossed!

Best wishes to you all and stay safe.



29 April 2020

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