Santa Sleigh

As we agreed at our last Zoom meeting, I wrote to the Chairman of RT250 asking them for clarification regarding their plans for this year’s Santa Sleigh.   He emailed right back and this is his reply.

16 October 2020

Good Morning David

Lichfield RT held our own Zoom meeting on Wednesday specifically to discuss this year’s Tableau season.

At that meeting we had a broad in depth look at how we should proceed this year and made the difficult decision that this year we would not be involving other volunteer groups. With the current trajectory of the virus spread we felt it would not be in the public’s interest to do our usual collection this year.  This is to protect volunteers, the public and our own members.

We will proceed with a Santa season, but this year it will just be the sleigh and 4 club members travelling the streets and playing music.

We are going to set up some cashless payment options, both an online donation page and a text donation number. We haven’t decided as yet what charity we will support – we are forming a small group of Tablers who will look at this.

As always we thank 41 Club for your continued support and look forward to hopefully a better 2021 where we can get the two clubs together.

We are currently planning on celebrating Lichfield Round Table 250’s 70th Charter in early June 2021, a year late unfortunately having already postponed twice this year, we would be delighted to see as many members of 41 Club as possible at the event. 

Yours in continued fellowship.

Mícheál O’Mahony

Chairman Lichfield Round Table 250

I am sure that we all support their decision and consequently they will not require us to take the Sleigh out this year.  I am sure that they would welcome the support of any of our Members who would like to assist them in their activities.  You can contact Mícheál O’Mahony on or on 07415 307667.

Next Meetings

A virtual Zoom meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday 11th November 2020. Details will be sent by email to subscribed members.

Normal Meetings have been suspended due to Coronavirus / Covid-19

Remembrance Day

I am aware that nothing has been said about Remembrance Day.  This is usually a big event in our calendar, and I wanted to confirm that we will not be taking part this year.

I have contacted the National President and the National Arboretum, and both confirm that no plans are in place.  The National Arboretum is still deciding what to do, but if they hold an event at all it will be much reduced and strictly controlled.  We have made no plans for lunch afterwards.

You may all have presumed that we would not be participating, as I did, but I wanted to write to confirm our position.  I have informed Lichfield Round Table that we will not be taking part this year.

Let’s hope that next year will be different and we can participate in this very important event, as we usually do.


Chairman David                                                                                                             5 October 2020

Chairman’s October Message

I must first apologise for the delay in getting this message out to you.  I have been very busy since our last meeting so no September message – straight to October!

Our last meeting on 9 September in the garden of the Colville Arms in Lullington was a great success.  The weather was very good which allowed the 30 attendees – mostly members with partners – to enjoy a socially distanced gathering.  We were joined by several Tangent members and the National President and his wife and we all enjoyed the company, the weather and the fish and chips.  

Pat and I left for Whitstable directly after the meeting as our daughter wanted us to pick the grand kids up from school the next day as they had to attend a funeral.

On Saturday 12 September we celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary, with our family as the rule of 6 was not in effect at that time. We had a great day as you can see from this picture and then went to a nice hotel.

I have just listened to Boris’s latest announcement and hardly understood a word of it.  However, there was no good news, so I can’t see how we can plan to meet again any time soon.  We must stay positive and see this through.  Donald is planning his President’s Night for 3 March and that may be the first time we meet in my year.

We will have another Zoom meeting at 7.30 pm on our regular meeting night – 14 October.  I look forward to seeing many of you then.

Best wishes to you all and stay safe.

YICF David