A word or 759 from our Chairman


First and foremost are my thanks to the many of you who helped to make Ladies Night such a memorable and marvellous occasion, especially for Mary and I. Not often I am made a fuss of, and my portrait has pride of place as a memento.

A special occasion for all of us who were there, and an important highlight in the year. Special thanks to the organising committee, Rob, Donald and Andrew S, and Roger, David C and David R, Rob C, John and Andrew K for their contributions.

The council meeting in Alrewas was very well attended and full of healthy debate as we approach our new year.

Items of note are:

1) Meetings and Venue

This is a regular debate, but important that we offer members good food and fellowship in the right environment. The meal at our February meeting was rather disappointing compared with others, prompting the discussion. However, the Golf Club are keen for our custom, the venue is convivial and easily accessible, and we agreed that the first step was to discuss meal options with the Club.

The emphasis for us should be quality over quantity, and most of us are happy to pay a little more if that is necessary. Pete C, as the man responsible, offered to discuss the issue with Lisa, and report back. We will see what the meal next week brings, but we all know that it is the quality of the Chef that counts!

2) Website

Council also agreed to ask David C and Andrew K to get the new secure site up and running asap, and Andrew will advise on extra costs, which at the moment appear manageable. Eagle eyed members may have noticed the site is back on line, so we can keep all our data, but David is still working on updates and upload issues. Digitize or die!

3) President’s Night

This promises to be a superb climax to the year, with excellent numbers, and Ian has worked very hard to make this event a success. Last week a number of our members had not paid or booked in, so please make sure you have paid Andrew and notified attendance so you don’t miss out.

David Wilcox, Roe’s partner, enjoyed himself so much at Ladies Night and Chairman’s Drinks that he has asked to transfer and join Lichfield. He is coming next week, so please make him welcome.

4) Ladies Night

This year’s event was a great success, and another important highlight of the year. Many guests also gave their thanks, and said how much they enjoyed themselves, including Roe (Tangent Chair), and David, and Mark (Table VC), and Eva, so we must be doing something right.

The event does depend on the attendance of members, and especially their wives and partners, and this year numbers were lower for a variety of reasons. Loud music and murder on the dance floor (Sophie E-B!) were also mentioned (oh dear, we sound like our parents!).

As a result, we discussed options such as a dinner event with speaker / entertainment, and I have asked Roe to raise this with Tangent members for feedback.

Mary and I are going to Table’s Ladies Night at Branston on March 16th for more excitement, so please email Mark de Block markdeblock@sky.com if you want to come along.

5) 2019-2020 Year

This year has been a fantastic for me and the Club, and we have been fortunate in having such a willing and hardworking team making this happen.

We discussed how we can make sure this continues next year, and this can only happen if members volunteer to contribute. I have had so much more fun and fellowship this year, so please put your names forward if you can. You also might find a strange man calling you!

After two years Rob and Donald will step down from Entertainments, and also David and Brian from Speaker and Fellowship. Pete C also wishes to call time on his many years as Meals and Attendance.

I already have volunteers for Entertainments and some other key posts, but do need replacements for Pete, and David and Brian. Plus of course a new Chairman, even if this means this year is your second time. It is nothing like as onerous as some feel, especially with the team behind you, and do you really want me chairing any more meetings?!


John 28 February 2019

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