Meeting minutes June 24 and next meeting

Minutes for the formal meeting held on 19th June are available here, for your pleasure and delectation. Hon Sec Rob apologises for any typos or interesting and unusual formatting, but he wrote it whilst being blown in the Outer Hebrides.

Next meeting is 17th July at WHGC; our speaker is Joe Perry who will be talking about the Staffordshire Hoard.

A plea from John Godson: please make sure that you book in or apologise by 6pm on Thursday 11th July, as per normal. After that, any last minute changes or cancellations to Colin John please, who will be standing in for John at the meeting.

Topically, many of you will remember D:Ream’s 1994 hit “Things can only get better“, featuring physicist Brian Cox on keyboards. This single indirectly helped Labour win a landslide victory in 1997.

D:Ream and Brian Cox got back together at Glastonbury just last week to play that song again and guess what…