National Arboretum 41 Club Garden

Rob Horton has visited the Arboretum, and went to look at the bench which has been sited in the inner circle in memory of Stuart Wyss and his father. The bench looks very handsome and Rob took some photos. The 41 Club Garden too looks lovely, quite mature, and although we no longer have a notice in the neighbouring shelter about 41 Club, on every shelter in the Arboretum is a sign announcing that there is a Defibrillator on site and that it has been donated by Lichfield 41 Club.

Fancy a Curry? or Fish & Chips!

Ian Dempster has sent in this infiormation, which some of you may find useful. This will support Lichfield Rugby Club.

“Friday May 29th ‘The English Indian’ will be setting up in the Lichfield Rugby Club car park (from 5pm to 9pm), to sell their award winning Indian Style Fish & Chips. You can place orders via their website and they will be accepted once your car is in the car park. Once your order is ready, they will deliver it to you in your car. No cash payments, no social distancing issues, just great food for you to enjoy back at home or in your car. Please support them if you can as it does benefit the Rugby Club at this difficult time . (Tamworth Road, behind the Horse and Jockey)”

A quiet word of condolence from your Captain

Our very own “Captain Bligh” of Narrowboat Nimrod has sent an article to help those members that would, without the Covid-19 Lockdown, be on the high seas (or is that level canals) this week. The article is presented in PDF format to maintain the integrity of the original layout i.e. too difficult to otherwise put on the website! Click the picture to see the article.