Chairman’s April Message

I am writing to you all today as I should be Chairing my first meeting this evening, instead of sitting at home watching the TV again!!  At least the wonders of modern TV give you a bit more choice than the terrestrial channels.

I do hope that you all are staying well and untouched by Covid-19.  I am pleased and grateful that it has not touched our immediate family, but we do know of several acquaintances that have had it.  They have all recovered without the need to visit hospital.

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Idleness is a vice! A note from your Past President


I must warn you against the moral dangers that lurk in the murky world of isolation. My mentor Lord Baden-Powell was, I believe, correct in railing against the solitary vices to which isolation can lead. A man must, when the chips are down or unavailable, set to and improve his mind and body – although I appreciate that the bodies and minds of our membership are near the pinnacle of perfection demanded by society, Tangent in particular.

As the newly deposed President, I feel it is my duty to set an example to any waverers who may be tempted to waste this virus-given opportunity for improvement and waste their time in frippery and dissolution, gardening, painting and such like. I certainly haven’t…

The Previous President