Nigel Foley R.I.P.

We have been copied in on this message sent by Lichfield Rugby Club.

Sad news I’m afraid. I heard this morning that Nigel has passed away. Unsure of accurate information at present but I know he suffered a heart attack and he could not be saved.

Nigel was Secretary of the Club for many years and was a great supporter of the club. He had a couple of health issues over the last couple of years but when able to he still came down to support, put the league results up and stopped for a beer on a Thursday night. He will be sadly missed. I will pass on funeral information when known but in the present climate there will be problems with this. Somehow we will celebrate his contributions to Lichfield Rugby Club but at present we are thinking of his family at this sad time.

Stay well and stay safe in these troubling times.

Yours sadly, Barry Broad – President @ LRUFC.

Chairman’s Update – Sunday 29th March 2020

Good morning gentlemen, and I hope you are all keeping well.

Just a quick update regarding the plans for what should have been our AGM: after lengthy discussions between all council members, we think it best that David Dimeloe takes over as Chairman elect on Wednesday, and his proposed council members will take over their new roles at the same time. This parallels what National are doing as Peter Good takes over as National President. We also aim to circulate current officers end-of-year reports to all members. We will have a “back to school” AGM on the first formal meeting that we can have, whenever that will be, and at that point I will officially hand over the Chairman’s Jewel to David, we can make any other proposals and so on. We will have wine on the table and celebrate our return to reality.

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Chairman’s update 20th March 2020

Gentlemen, as I write this at 9:30am, my phone is bleating that the brewery trip is about to start. I should be enjoying the company of many other diehard beeristas, listening to their brave tales of previous brewery trips they have survived, how many pints they consumed, which brewery has the best loos, and so on.

Instead, I sit here, and look around me, at four grey walls that surround me, and I realise, yes, I was only dreaming. For there’s a …. Wife, approaching with a tin of paint and a sad old paintbrush, saying “get these grey walls painted green please”. I have contracted Tom Jones syndrome – apparently, it’s not unusual.

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