Our Chairman writes: a sword, a Stag, Smurfs and Santa!

Where to begin?

Looking back to August, few of us will forget the evening of unprecedented entertainment that was our last formal meeting. The spellbound audience sat open mouthed as the Dynamic Duo of Hartley and Dimeloe regaled the room with tales of bravery, strength and exertion not heard since Beowulf stalked Grendell in the ice-halls of Scandinavian mythology. In those days, Beowulf used a sword called Hrunting – and in a trick of rhyming slang, Roger Hartley had a similar name for his bike.

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Prostate Screening Day in Lichfield

Rotary Club of Lichfield St. Chad are again organising an NHS Prostate Screening Clinic. Friday 15th November at the Cathedral Lodge Hotel, Lichfield. They are now taking bookings. The age range is 50 to 80. No charge, but donations are accepted.

Contact David Cole or reply to the “Members Email” being sent today for further details. The day is likely to fill up very quickly, so act now.