Our Chairman writes…. from his hospital bed

Well, words from the Ward – not, as you may have wished, from your previous esteemed chair, but Ward 6 at Burton Hospital, where your current Chairman is taking a well earned rest from reality. Let this be a warning to you – any one of the risk factors of alcohol, caffeine, alcohol, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, smoking and yet more alcohol can trigger heart fibrillation. In my case, 7 out of 8 was deemed sufficient to blue light me from Lichfield to Burton on Monday morning. Fastest I’ve ever gone up the A38, including the time I had a company car.

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A Message from Veloclub41

“Those about to be pressure-washed in a wind-tunnel in the cause of Freedom and Fellowship salute you!”

Our band of worthy brothers set forth on the morrow to cycle the Way of the Roses from Morecombe to Bridlington. The road will be hard. The wind, rain and flies will be in our faces. We will fight in the lowlands. We will fight over the Dales. Our only fear is of failure. We will not give in!

And in the calm of the evening we will drink beer.

The Whoar Room
10 June 2019