Next Meetings

Normal Meetings remain suspended due to Coronavirus / Covid-19

Roadmap back to meetings
Whilst these are our outline plans, they are subject to Government guidance which might change.

14 April Council Meeting via Zoom ✔
28 April Annual General Meeting via Zoom ✔
26 May Lunchtime Outdoor Picnic ✔
23 June Lunchtime Outdoor Fish & Chip lunch Cancelled
23 June Lunchtime Outdoor meeting – Members only Cancelled

21 July Zoom Meeting 7:30 p.m.
15 September An indoor meeting @ WHGC

Chairman’s Update June 2021

I am sorry for the delay since my last Newsletter but I have been spending quite a lot of time, in the sunshine, in Whitstable.

We had our Zoom AGM on 28 April and the Minutes have been circulated by email link. With the current Covid regulations preventing regular meetings we decided that we would have our first meeting in the garden of The Colvile Arms on 26 May. That meeting went well with 28 people attending and enjoying the fellowship of our first face to face meeting for 10 months.

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